Sunday, 12 April 2015

Good afternoon Pink Ink fans!

As many of you know, Pink Ink has been the stylist for the Daily Glam Team.  We've had so much fun doing it and for the Spring, we all decided we would provide you with the capsule FOR FREE!!  It's our way of saying thank you for your support and also to let those of you who don't quite get Daily Glam to come on board and check us out.  

The Spring 2015 capsule has 25 days of looks mixed and matched from 26 articles of clothing.  Everything is included - shoes, accessories, handbags and confidence.  

This is a bit different forum for us, so bear with us as we release this capsule on the web.  Usually we send out e-mails to subscribers with links and suggestions, so this venue has a bit larger reach and is a little less formal than we're used to.

How this works:
Earlier this month, we released the Spring 2015 "Closet List".  This is a checklist of items that you should search your closet for.  Check your Mom's, your bestie's, your sister's - anyone at all to compile the items ready for our first few outfits that will be posted tomorrow.
Each day, beginning tomorrow, Pink Ink will post a couple of new outfit combinations made from items within that closet list.  Underneath each image you will find tips and suggestions to make the outfit, or one very similar, work for YOUR body shape.  Slight alterations in cut, style or drape will make dramatic differences in your look.  Try them out, or not - it's totally up to you.

At the bottom of each post we will include links to purchase the pieces featured.  There is no obligation to buy anything - but just in case a particular item strikes your fancy, we thought it best to include a way to obtain it.

That's it!
Bookmark this page and come back each day to find out the next few days of outfits or visit the Daily Glam page for the up to date outfits that are posted daily -  You can also visit us on facebook at or  Remember, leave us comments!  We love hearing from you.

Fun, fashionable and FABULOUS!

Printable PDF here.

Sample items:
Grey Pants:  Grey is a very popular colour in any season.  Go for a light grey as opposed to dark for a more "Spring" look.  With regards to length, go with what looks best on you according to your height, we're showing a crop pant here for it's fresh look but bootcut, straight leg, even a denim version will do.
Joseph Queen cropped wool-twill straight leg
Black Culotte:  Great fun.  To add some spice, go for a coloured culotte OR a beige culotte for versatility.

High Waisted Culotte Pants
Black flared skirt:  A-line looks great on most people because it gives the illusion of shape.  Great for the Rectangle as it allows the waist to look more defined.
Full A Line Pleated Swing Skirt
Green pencil skirt:  Long lines are in for the Spring.  Try a pencil skirt with a length that goes right below the knees. If you prefer shorter, the classic pencil skirt is always in style.  Refrain from anything mid-thigh and above!
Straight Pencil Skirt
Beige skirt with black and yellow detail:  Patterns are in.  This skirt is similar to the a-line  but the flare is more towards the bottom - often called a tulip skirt.  Great item for the Rectangle and Apple.
Beige with black and yellow detail
Beige skirt with rope detail:  This style skirt is a great look on all of the body types.  When looking for a skirt (if not using this exact one) aim for one with a number of colours in it to make it more Spring like and versatile for your wardrobe.
Ralph Lauren bridal print skirt
Grey dress (alternative styles will be given for different body types on the day this dress is posted): This grey dress is great for the Hourglass, Rectangle and Pear as it creates the hourglass shape.  You will want to wear a shaper/Spanx underneath as it will also show the lumps and bumps many of us try to conceal.

Raspberry dress:  This dress is great for the Rectangle because of the natural belted waist which will provide the illusion of a waist line.

Greenish-yellow sleeveless top:  This high-neck top is perfect for accessorizing the Rectangle beauty.  Go for layered necklaces to spice up the top!  If you find that it does not provide you with enough shape, add a thin belt to bring in the waist line.
Vero Moda high-neck top
Soft yellow top: The embellishment on the shoulders helps to bring the eye up and also helps make the waist area look smaller.  If you love the top but not the shoulders, go for the same style and spice it up with your accessories.

Beige top:  Beige is a colour that will allow you to wear it with almost any of the beautiful jewel-toned colours and pastel colours that are in stores this Spring.  Spice it up with your purse or a scarf.  The detailing around the waistline is perfect for the Rectangle as it  helps to add more shape to your torso.
Tara Jarmon sweater

Striped top:  Stripes are very much in season this year.  Notice how the lines seem thinner and lighter towards the upper area and thicker and darker towards the midsection and below?  Remember, light brings forward and dark recedes so the eye will be attracted up!
H&M Off-the-shoulder top

Turquoise top:  The wrap shirt is a great look for the Rectangle.  The ruching towards the bottom of the top adds dimension to the look as well as shape.

Navy blue sleeveless top:  Sleeveless tops allow for a nice shape to emerge, especially if you are a bustier Rectangle.  Even if you are a petite rectangle, the flow of the top will create a nice illusion of shape.  
2nd Vega sleeveless top

Leather/faux leather jacket:  The high collar, broad shoulder and fitted style of this jacket make it very chic.  Great for creating shape in the Rectangle.

Orange top:  Light and airy, and a gorgeous colour as well.  Pair with a more fitted bottom to ensure that you create the illusion of shape which can get lost when the top and bottom are both loose.

This closet list is for "Rectangle" body shapes, but the items are very similar for all body shapes.  You'll notice slight differences in each daily post - but this will give you a starting point to compile your items.

See you tomorrow for outfit number 1 & 2!