Monday, 13 April 2015

Let's start today's post with the "goal" of this program...  history, society, symmetry, femininity have all defined an "ideal" body shape for women - the Hourglass.  Problem is, only 8% of all women have this shape - so how do we create the eye-pleasing, compliment-fetching looks if we don't fit the standard mold?  We use cut, colour, drape, print and style to create the illusion of that shape.

We'll start with rule number 1:  Light attracts the eye and dark recedes.

Day 1  plays with colour to guide the eye to certain areas and away from others:

Hourglass, Pear, Rectangle, Diamond


This top (Hourglass, Pear, Rectangle and Diamonds) was selected because of the straight cut.  Being sleeveless and with a  mock-neck, the eye will travel up and down the body.  The drape will create a rectangular shape (if you don't already have one), and the colour will draw the eye in to the centre of the torso - narrowing the look of your frame.
To counter this, and give the illusion of curves, we've paired it with a flared skirt which will both hide actual hips as well as give the impression of hips to those of us that don't have a defined waistline.
If you want to define your waist further, this is where you could tuck your top into your skirt, or better still, add a thin black belt to break up the colour.

Wearing the wrap open will create a line down the centre of the body, again narrowing the focus of the eye further, and therefore just hinting at curves underneath.

We've provided you with a couple of options in shoes - the slide sandal is current, comfortable and universal, but if you prefer a flat shoe, the open-toe ballet flat is a cute alternative.

Apples, you may find that mock necks aren't ideal for your broad shoulders and/or large chest.  For you we are suggesting a wrap alternative.  The v-neck in this top will draw the eye down your body and the flowing drape of the wrap panels will broaden the look of your waist giving you more balance.

On Day 2 of the capsule we took things up a notch to a sleek sophisticated look that can take you from the office to happy hour in style.

Unfortunately the dress shown above for the Rectangle, Hourglass and Pear has sold out since we created this capsule.  On the upside, there are alternatives that are more within budget that would work equally as well:



The reason there are so many variations to today's look is to suit different body shapes.  The first dress is absolutely stunning and would look incredible on an Hourglass or Rectangle, but wouldn't be flattering on a Diamond shape.  Not to worry, we're all different - Designers and Stylists know this so they create styles, cuts, drapes and patterns to make every woman find a fit that flatters.

Diamonds, where you are generally widest at your mid-section, bringing in a flowing kimono dress would be stunning.  The gentle drape from the shoulders to the mid-section and the equivalent drape from the mid-section down will create balance in your look.  The dark belt with this dress will recede that area in an onlooker's vision therefore de-emphasizing your waist.
If you're a bit more daring, play with the striped dress.  Colour-blocking is a great technique to play with light and these stripes will guide the eye both across and up and down - taking the focus from the mid-section.

Apples, the neckline and colour-blocking are perfect for your physique.  V-neck and deep scoop necklines will help to narrow the look of your shoulders and bring a more balanced look to your torso.  One thing to keep in mind though, if you have a generous chest, keep the neckline above or just at your d├ęcolletage.  Sexy is in the suggestion, not the exposure.

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Hope this was helpful!  Tomorrow we will post days 3 and 4.  Be sure to leave us a comment.  We would love to hear from you.

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